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Free E-Book

Financial Trouble is Stressful

Our Free E-Book helps people who are exploring options that include bankruptcy. Our goal is to give people a better chance of figuring out what is right for them and their situation. 

Why the E-Book?

My name is April Maxwell, and I wrote this book because I don't like to see people taken advantage of. I don't want to take time or money from a person with relatively simple problems.

I got into this profession to help people, and the most efficient way to do it is through an E-book. Some financial problems that would take just a phone call or two to resolve do not need an attorney.

I am a huge fan of do-it-yourself. This book is intended to give people a basic understanding of Bankruptcy law so they have a better chance of figuring out what is right for them and their situation.

Who is this E-Book for?

Whether your goal is finding the best attorney or fighting for your legal right by yourself, this book will arm you or someone near you with information. And, we all know that INFORMATION IS POWER.

No matter what you decide, I strongly recommended that anyone considering bankruptcy consult with an attorney before initiating bankruptcy. Why? Because an attorney may be able to point out problems you do not see or show you a simpler way to proceed.

Explore Your Options.

In addition to our E-Book download, Maxwell Law Group offers a FREE CONSULTATION for people exploring options that include bankruptcy. If you would like to have an attorney discuss your situation with you, please contact us

You Have Options to Solve Your Financial Troubles